2022 SYNBIOMICS Annual General Meeting

The next SYNBIOMICS Annual General Meeting will be held at the University of British Columbia on August 8, 2022 in Vancouver, Canada.

Session 1: Anaerobic Treatment of Wastewater at Pulp and Paper Mills (Elizabeth Edwards)

  • Presenters: Torsten Meyer, Camilla Nesbø, Ivy Yang (University of Toronto)

Session 2: Protein Target Production (Adrian Tsang)

  • Presenters: Annie Bellemare (Concordia University)

Session 3: Enzyme Discoveries (Harry Brumer)

  • Presenters: Anupama Sharan, Olanrewaju Raji, Xuebin Feng (University of Toronto); Majid Haddad Momeni (Aalto University)

Session 4: Enzyme Applications (Warren Mabee)

  • Presenters: Thu Vuong, Owen Mototsune (University of Toronto); Eleni Ioannou (Aalto University)

Session 5: Looking To The Future (Emma Master, Harry Brumer)