2022 SYNBIOMICS Annual General Meeting

The next SYNBIOMICS Annual General Meeting will be held at the University of British Columbia on August 8, 2022 in Vancouver, Canada. Session 1: Anaerobic Treatment of Wastewater at Pulp and Paper Mills (Elizabeth Edwards) Presenters: Torsten Meyer, Camilla Nesbø, Ivy Yang (University of Toronto) Session 2: Protein Target Production (Adrian Tsang) Presenters: Annie Bellemare (Concordia University) Session 3: Enzyme … Read More

Paper, not plastic: Leveraging microbial genes to make greener materials

by Tyler Irving: http://news.engineering.utoronto.ca/paper-not-plastic-leveraging-microbial-genes-make-greener-materials/ Paper, not plastic: Leveraging microbial genes to make greener materials Maryam Arefmanesh (ChemE PhD candidate) and Thu Vuong, a postdoctoral fellow in Professor Emma Master’s lab, examine a protein gel showing enzymes cultured from microorganisms that degrade wood. By studying these enzymes, the team hopes to develop new materials from trees that could replace those made … Read More

Genome Canada’s 2015 Large-Scale Applied Research Project grant

Project Leads Emma Master & Harry Brumer  has been awarded one of 13 Genome Canada Large-Scale Applied Research Project grants for a project entitled “SYNBIOMICS: Functional genomics and techno-economic models for advanced biopolymer synthesis“. Professor Master from the University of Toronto and Brumer from the University of British Columbia are leading a tam that includes Elizabeth Edwards from the University … Read More